Gateway To Change works with organizations to fundraise, allows underrepresented non-profits to apply for grants and learn about other organizations with which they can collaborate, and teaches our partners how to analyze non-profits, while also exposing them to the issues that face our region and charities that support those issues.

  • We fund unrepresented nonprofits
    • Need help raising funds but don’t have the manpower to do so in a cost-effective way? Look over our application and, if it sounds like a good fit, apply!
    • The application round for the 2018-2019 school year is closed. Please check back next Spring to request an application.
  • We engage and educate our community
    • Local Schools
      • Educate students on how to analyze non-profits so students can ensure fundraising dollars are being spent well and going to an important cause
      • Expose students to non-profits, issues in our region, different communities in the area, and potential new career paths students could consider, broadening their horizons
      • Collaborate with other schools on the non-profit selection process by participating in an annual caucus
    • Local Businesses
      • Connect our business partners to the grant winner’s Board in order to help facilitate volunteer and Board position opportunities
  • We leverage existing fundraising efforts in a way that is most impactful to our participants
    • Many schools and businesses already have various fundraising initiatives, but not all have time to research new or underrepresented nonprofits that could greatly benefit from those initiatives
    • Gateway to Change introduces schools and businesses to underrepresented nonprofits and organizes a fundraising campaign that uses the schools’ and businesses’ existing fundraising efforts

It’s one thing to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but that doesn’t always translate to being deliberate in your service. Gateway to Change hopes to bring light to a new type of collaboration while helping people be deliberately empathetic. Come be a gateway to change with us!