Get Involved


  • Encourage nonprofits to apply
    Click here if you’d like us to notify you when the 2019-2020 application is available.
  • Donate
    Donations to Gateway to Change will be allocated to the grant winner chosen by the schools for the fundraising year the donation is received. Click here to donate.
  • Fundraise
    • Local Schools
      • Each school involved can use the entire school year to fundraise for the winning non-profit. Schools can fundraise however they decide; visit our Fundraising Ideas page for some inspiration.
      • Having the entire school year to fundraise allows schools to continue separately supporting non-profits with which they already have a connection.
      • The students can even fundraise on their own and contribute that money to their school’s pot.
      • Each school that participates will be included on our website as a partner.
    • Local Businesses
      • Our business partners can choose whether to raise funds through office wide events and/or can provide a charitable contribution directly from the company.
      • Each company that participates will be included on our website as a partner and will have its logo included in an ad that Gateway to Change will take out in a local St. Louis publication.



  • Beginning of the school year:
    • Grant applications will be due the first week of August.
    • Our Board will review the applications, focusing on those non-profits that have shown that most of their funds are going toward their mission and/or that they’ve tried to collaborate with other non-profits working toward the same goal.
    • We will provide the grant applications to the participating schools.
    • Each participating school will choose two student representatives to attend a caucus at the beginning of the school year. Prior to this caucus, those two representatives will have met with their fellow students and determined which non-profit applicant the school wishes to support. Then, the representatives from all schools involved will meet and will determine which non-profit has the majority vote. That non-profit will be the one that all schools and businesses will raise money for during the school year.
  • During the school year:
    • Each school involved will determine the time of the year that they will specifically devote to fundraising for Gateway to Change. This allows each school to work around their existing fundraisers, but also provides a timeframe for accountability.
    • All donations will be due by the end of May.
  • After the school year:
    • Our application will have reporting requirements, so the winning non-profit will follow up with us and show how the money was used and which organizations the non-profit worked with. Through this step, we are emphasizing collaboration and focus on mission driven efforts so that less resources and donations are wasted.


Please click here to get involved or if you have any questions.