Our Story

Mission Statement 

We provide the gateway to educate and engage St. Louis schools and businesses in exploring, understanding, and supporting vital, underrepresented social service organizations that enrich our region and help those in need, while exposing St. Louisans to issues that face our community.

Vision Statement

To be an industry leader in educating donors and connecting organizations to create efficient, mission-driven fundraising.

Similar to the charities we work with, Natasha began her career wanting to help create a better St. Louis. She knew that to create change, we need to start with not only an understanding of the public policies and community and real estate plans that shaped our region, but the legislation and cases that back up those policies. Being of the mind-set that you can’t tackle a problem until you know the root cause and can see the big picture, Natasha began her path to law school and a master’s in Urban Planning and Real Estate Development.

Through her volunteer work, Natasha found that many non-profits were running parallel paths with a lack of collaboration among similar organizations. Some of these organizations didn’t know of their counterparts, while others did, but wanted to keep the status quo. Not only are similar organizations working toward the same goals, but in many cases they are duplicating efforts by not collaborating with their peers.

Natasha realized that there has to be a better way to operate – a way that allows non-profits to be mission driven and also helps optimize community benefit and reduce administrative cost. Realizing that more donors are analyzing how their money is spent, she saw an untapped market that allowed for donors to feel confident that their donations were going toward a good cause, while showing people how to analyze non-profits and teaching them about the non-profits that need support.

While St. Louis has been ranked as one of the most charitable cities in the United States1, it can be hard for smaller, underrepresented non-profits to gain recognition and easily fundraise. Gateway To Change was founded to use existing networks to save non-profits the time and expense associated with fundraising, with the hope that those networks can learn about our community, the non-profits that do work within our area, and the issues that face our region.

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